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A guide for streaming from ProPresenter to BoxCast using RTMP or a BoxCast Encoder.

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With ProPresenter (versions 7.1 newer) you have the ability to stream to BoxCast via RTMP, directly from the software. You can also output a feed from the computer running ProPresenter to a BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro, if you choose. We've also included a section to assist in connecting ProPresenter to Blackmagic Design ATEM units.

ProPresenter RTMP to BoxCast

ProPresenter outlines how to stream in this article, and streaming only requires a few pieces of information from BoxCast.

RTMP Source: An RTMP source must exist in the BoxCast Dashboard. To learn how to add an RTMP source, click here. If you already have an RTMP source, follow the remaining steps.

Open ProPresenter and click on the Live button and Capture Settings in the top right corner. This will open a settings box that will allow you to enter your Server URL and Stream Key. You'll pull these from your RTMP source in the BoxCast Dashboard.

BoxCast's server URL is rtmp:// Use the Copy to Clipboard button to precisely copy the Server URL, then paste the address in ProPresenter where it says Address.

Each RTMP source created in the BoxCast Dashboard has its own unique Stream Key. Use the Copy to Clipboard button to precisely copy the Stream Key, then paste the key into ProPresenter where it says Key.

Once these steps are complete, feel free to begin streaming! When ProPresenter is actively streaming, it'll show as connected in the BoxCast Dashboard.

Don't forget: A broadcast must be scheduled through the BoxCast Dashboard in order to live stream the feed BoxCast is receiving from ProPresenter.

ProPresenter Output to BoxCaster Or BoxCaster Pro

If you do not want to use the RTMP option for ProPresenter and would like to use a BoxCast encoder, follow these steps below.

Connect your BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro to your computer running ProPresenter via HDMI. Once plugged in, the BoxCaster will appear as a separate display and you will want to make sure you have your extended display settings turned on for that computer.

In ProPresenter, click on Screens and then select Configure Screens.

Click on Output and select the BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro. You will also want to make sure the Audience tab is turned on. This should cause your program output on ProPresenter show up on the BoxCaster.

If you need ProPresenter to also send audio to your BoxCaster, click on Preferences, then Audio. This will pull up the settings box where you will select the BoxCaster as the Main source for audio.

Once those settings are configured, you can go to the BoxCast Dashboard, schedule a broadcast, and begin streaming.

ProPresenter to Blackmagic Design ATEM

The following video demonstrates how to connect ProPresenter to the Blackmagic Design ATEM units. Once connected, the output program feed of the ATEM can be fed into a BoxCaster for live streaming.

Note: This is not a BoxCast video. BoxCast does not endorse other content that could be on this channel not related to streaming.

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