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The VidiU and VidiU PRO are hardware encoders from Teradek that can be used to stream to BoxCast using RTMP.

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The VidiU and VidiU PRO are small hardware encoders made by Teradek. You can stream from the VidiU family to BoxCast using RTMP. Follow these steps to stream to BoxCast using a VidiU or VidiU PRO

Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard and click on the Sources tab to get your RTMP codes from BoxCast. You will be using the Server URL and Stream Key.


Plug power, network, and a video input into the VidiU. Power it on and ensure it can connect to the internet. For more detailed help setting up the VidiU, consult Teradek’s Quickstart video.

Note: Many of the following steps can be completed from either the VidiU mobile app or from the front panel of the device itself. Configuring the device from the web page seems to be the easiest workflow; if you wish to use the mobile app or the device’s front panel, consult Teradek’s Help Center for further instructions.

Obtain your VidiU’s IP address by doing the following:

  • Press the Menu button on the front of the VidiU device.

  • Navigate down to Network Settings and press the Menu button again.

  • With Wired selected, press the Menu button. An IP address will be displayed (e.g.


Type this IP address in a new browser tab or window to visit the device’s web page.


Click the Settings button in the upper right-hand corner and enter your Server URL into the RTMP Server URL area and Stream Key into the Stream area.


Scroll down and make sure your video quality, audio quality, and frame rate are set to the quality you would like. Your frame rate should be set to Full. Hit Apply to save changes.


Scroll to the top of the page. Click on My VidiU, then select Apply again to save your RTMP changes.

To start the broadcast, hit the Go Live button in the middle of the screen. Make sure you have a broadcast scheduled in the BoxCast Dashboard in order for it to go live. If you don't, nothing will happen.

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