Scheduling a Broadcast

Watch a video or read and follow the steps in this article to learn how to schedule your first broadcast with BoxCast.

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With BoxCast you need to schedule a broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard whenever you want to go live. If your event is always at the same time, you can schedule a recurring broadcast so it will be set up every time you want to go live.

Schedule an Individual Broadcast

Start by clicking on Schedule in tabs on the left side of your screen. It gives you a few choices- for this example we are going to choose Standard Scheduling.

Next, you'll choose whether you want your broadcast to be a single or recurring event. If you choose recurring, you can schedule it to repeat up to 100 times. For now, we'll choose single.

Enter the date and time that your Broadcast is set to occur. We recommend giving yourself an extra half and hour at the end of your broadcast just in case it goes over, so you don't get cut off.

If you'd like more options, you can click Show More Broadcast Options.

Here, you can add a description and image (which we recommend) to enhance your video player and brand it to your organization.

Select your Source

In the next section, you'll be able to select your source. This is the encoder (software or hardware) that sends the stream to us. If you haven't yet added any sources, you can learn how to do so here.

You can also choose to rebroadcast a previous stream, or upload a video and play it as if it is live. Learn more in our Simlive support article.

We also offer additional source options:

You can choose to customize your Audio Source. If you are using a BoxCast brand encoder, you can adjust settings for BoxCast Flow Control here as well.

Is it a Recurring Broadcast?

If yes, you will want to check Make This a Recurring Broadcast. Learn more about recurring broadcasts.

Add Your Destinations

In the next section, you can choose where you'd like your stream sent. It will always go to your BoxCast embed, but you can also send it to various social media and rtmp destinations.

Choose the destinations you'd like to send to here. You can send to multiple destinations, even those within the same service (ie. you can send to two different Facebook pages at the same time).

Be sure to set your visibility to Public.

If you haven't set up your destinations, you can click on the link to the right that says Settings > Integrations and it will take you to the Integrations page. If you need help, we have a collection of articles on how to set those up.

Set the Broadcast Visibility

Set the broadcast visibility- usually you'll want it to be Public. If you choose Private, it will only be viewable by you, inside the BoxCast Dashboard. Please note the tips to the right about how each destination may have it's own visibility settings. This visibility setting applies only to the BoxCast video player, apps, and

You have the option to Set Visibility to Private After Broadcast. This will make the broadcast private after your stream ends, so people will not be able to watch it on demand in the player after you're done with the broadcast.

Record Broadcast must be on if you'd like us to keep a copy of your broadcast for you to download or rebroadcast later. We recommend keeping this on at all times.

This section is also where you can add your broadcast to an existing channel, or add a new one quickly.

Scoreboard Assist

If you have a BoxCast Scoreboard Assist, you can add that information in the next area. If not, you can skip over this section.

Advanced Settings

Last, you can alter any advanced settings. This section allows you to adjust bitrates and resolutions, password protect your stream and add domain restrictions, add automated captioning, add to a podcast, and adjust networking settings. Some of these features may not be available on all plans. If you need help with any of these settings, feel free to search this support page, or reach out to our support team for assistance.

Hit Schedule Broadcast, and you're done!

Adding Time to Your Broadcast

If your broadcast is still going, but you're getting close to the end time selected, don't worry- you're able to extend the broadcast with a simple click of a button. Simply go to the Broadcasts tab, and your live Broadcast appears at the top. Click the Add 30 Minutes button to extend your broadcast. If you don't need a full 30 minutes, that's okay- you can hit End Broadcast or simply stop your encoder when your stream is complete.

Stopping Your Broadcast

If your broadcast has extra time at the end, you can simply click End Broadcast from the Broadcast tab, or Stop Broadcast from the Broadcast edit screen to stop it early.

Editing Your Broadcast

You can edit your broadcast- even if it's live- by clicking on Edit in the top right corner of the broadcast.

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