Scheduling a Broadcast
Watch a video or read and follow the steps in this article to learn how to schedule your first broadcast with BoxCast.
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With BoxCast you need to schedule a broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard whenever you want to go live. If your event is always at the same time, you can schedule a recurring broadcast so it will be set up every time you want to go live.

Watch this video on how to schedule your first broadcast.

Start by clicking on Schedule in tabs on the left side of your screen.

Enter the information for that broadcast. You will want to fill out the title, description, add a preview image, and select your source (BoxCaster, Broadcaster App or RTMP), date of the broadcast, start time, and end time.


Is it a recurring broadcast?

If yes, you will want to check Make This a Recurring Broadcast. Learn more about recurring broadcasts.


Select your broadcast type

  • Public broadcasts will appear on your embed code and the BoxCast TV apps.

  • Ticketing Broadcasts can be embedded on your website or sent to your viewers via the link. Learn more about ticketing.

  • Private broadcasts will only appear in the dashboard. You can send a private broadcast to someone with the link created when the broadcast is created. Please note, the Private option does not apply to simulcast destinations (like YouTube, Facebook, etc.). A broadcast marked as private, for example, does not mean it will be private when simulcasted to a destination like YouTube (though, this is a privacy choice when scheduling the YouTube destination).

Select a channel

If using the channel feature, pick what channel you want the broadcast to appear in.

Select your social media destinations

Select your social media destinations by clicking on the destinations field. BoxCast allows you to stream to unlimited social media destinations and has integrations for the most common outlets like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. We have an Other RTMP option if you plan on streaming to Twitch or other social media destinations, as well.

Using Overlays

If you want to use our scoreboard feature or add an overlay before the broadcast begins, click on the overlays field. This is where you can add a manual scoreboard, automated scoreboard, or default overlay for the stream.

The last step is to configure your advanced settings. If you are using the BoxCaster, you will see a lot more options than streaming with RTMP. We recommend leaving these on auto-detect, however, you may need to explore advanced settings.

Once the broadcast is scheduled, you will be directed to the Broadcast Details page where you will be able to edit the broadcast as needed.


Adding time to your broadcast

If your broadcast is still going, but you're getting close to the end time selected, don't worry- you're able to extend the broadcast with a simple click of a button. Simply go to the Broadcasts tab, and your live Broadcast appears at the top. Click the Add 30 Minutes button to extend your broadcast. If you don't need a full 30 minutes, that's okay- you can hit End Broadcast or simply stop your encoder when your stream is complete.

Stopping your broadcast

If your broadcast has extra time at the end, you can simply click End Broadcast from the Broadcast tab, or Stop Broadcast from the Broadcast edit screen to stop it early.

Editing your broadcast

You can edit your broadcast- even if it's live- by clicking on Edit in the top right corner of the broadcast.

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