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Support for Viewers Watching a Live Stream

Start here if you are viewing – or having trouble watching – a broadcast from an organization that uses BoxCast

Get Started Streaming with BoxCast

Follow step-by-step guides to get started with BoxCast

Cameras, Switchers, Audio Equipment + More

All the equipment you use to feed to the encoder

Video Streaming Encoders

Learn how to connect your encoder with BoxCast

Live Streaming Broadcasts

Everything you need to know about live streaming

Videos + Recorded Broadcasts

All about on demand videos and simulated live broadcasting

Broadcast Enhancements + Features

All the extra bells and whistles that can push your streaming over the top

Broadcast Destinations

How to send your stream to every site and every device

Embedding + Player Settings

Embed your broadcasts, and get your player settings exactly how you want them

Billing + Account Management

Learn how to manage your BoxCast account

BoxCast Sites

Learn everything you need to know about setting up and publishing your own website with BoxCast

BoxCast Sharing

Easily clip and create engaging video content to share with your online church community.