Blackmagic Web Presenter + BoxCast
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The Blackmagic Web Presenter has an integration with BoxCast to make it easier than ever to stream directly from the Web Presenter to BoxCast. Follow the steps below to connect the two.
Log into your BoxCast Dashboard, go to Sources, and create a source for the Web Presenter, using the RTMP Hardware option. Leave this window open, as you'll need to use it again.

Download the latest version of the Web Presenter software from Blackmagic's support page. Once downloaded, open the software on your computer.

Connect your Web Presenter to the internet via an ethernet cable.

Use a USB-C cable to connect the Web Presenter to your computer.

Once connected, click the middle menu button in the Web Presenter software to reach the settings.

Select the Platform as BoxCast and set your Quality to low, medium or high.

Go back to the BoxCast Dashboard and copy your stream key. Paste your stream key into the Key field of the Web Presenter software.

Click ON AIR to start sending your stream to BoxCast. You will see that the source was set up correctly when it says Connected and has a green dot.

You are ready to begin broadcasting with your Web Presenter to BoxCast. If you have any other questions, reach out to BoxCast's technical support team at, or through the chat.

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