Cerevo LiveShell + BoxCast

The Cereveo LiveShell hardware encoder can be used to stream to BoxCast using RTMP.

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BoxCast gives you the ability to use RTMP with the Cerevo LiveShell encoder. Follow these steps below to connect your Cerevo LiveShell to BoxCast.

Note: You must have a scheduled broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard to stream with RTMP.

Step 1

Click on Settings in the top right corner of your LiveShell Dashboard.


Step 2
Click on edit for your stream settings.


Step 3

Put your Server URL in the Broadcasting RTMP URL area and your Stream Key in the Stream area. This can be found in the sources area of the dashboard. DO NOT use the BoxCast RTMP URL.


BoxCast does not support "Browsing RTMP URL" so please leave that blank.

Step 4

Click save and set as default.

Step 5

Click Start Stream in the bottom right corner to begin streaming. You must have a scheduled broadcast in the BoxCast dashboard for this to work.


Common Questions

How do I change the Frame Rate and Bit Rate in Cerevo LiveShell?

Using the Cerevo LiveShell dashboard with either a tablet or the web access. Navigate to the main Dashboard.

Click on Custom:


Under the Video Quality section, select and change the Average Bit Rate to match your desired bit rate for streaming. Example: 3000Kbps = 3.0Mbps (roughly)


* Setting your LiveShell to anything higher than 5500Kbps can cause issue with the RTMP Stream. We recommend for a quality 720p - 1080p stream, the bit rates be between 3500Kbps and 5500Kbps.*

  • Below the Average Bit Rate is the Frame Rate.

  • Change the Frame Rate to match the Frame Rate of your equipment. We recommend 30fps as a standard.

  • Click on Close to save the settings.

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