BoxCast is committed to being the best live video streaming company in the world. We want to do everything in our power to ensure you’re having the best viewing experience. However, things happen that cause the video quality to suffer, and while the BoxCast Success Team is available to help work through most issues, sometimes refunds are necessary. Therefore we can issue refunds under the following scenarios:

  • The broadcast is postponed or canceled prior to completion.

  • The broadcasting organization experiences verified network/production issues on their end (e.g. they are offline for an extended period or the camera is completely inoperable).*

  • There is a verified issue with BoxCast technology (e.g servers are down for an extended period).**

  • The BoxCast software encounters a bug that significantly degrades your viewing experience.

Please contact us to resolve problems as soon as an issue is noticed. If we are not contacted during the broadcast in an attempt to remedy the issue, then we are unable to issue a refund.

To contact BoxCast, please email with the name of the broadcast you are watching and the email you purchased the ticket with so we can process your refund.

Network or browser issues occurring on an end device, outside the control of BoxCast, do not warrant refunds. This includes the inability to watch a broadcast from a SmartTV.

  • For best results across all brands of Smart TV, we recommend connecting a computer directly to the TV using an HDMI cable. Alternatively, you can connect a computer, tablet, or smartphone over Wi-Fi using a Chromecast or using Apple Airplay (assuming you have access to a Wi-Fi network that the Smart TV and your streaming device can connect to). Please note: when streaming over Wi-Fi the quality of the video will be dependent on your device and Wi-Fi connection. Overall, we cannot guarantee that a live stream will work on any brand of Smart TV's built-in browser since many TVs are incapable of playing video directly from any source or website.

* Production issues do NOT extend to lack of audio or audio volume.

** At least 15 minutes of broadcast time.

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