Ticket Refund Policy

View the scenarios where a ticket refund can be issued by BoxCast to broadcast viewers.

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BoxCast is committed to being the best live video streaming company in the world. We want to do everything in our power to ensure you’re having the best viewing experience. On the rare occasion that something does happen to interfere with your broadcast, we can issue refunds under the following scenarios:

  • The broadcast is postponed or canceled prior to completion.

  • The organization sending the broadcast experiences verified network/production issues on their end, causing the event to be offline for at least 15 minutes or if the camera is completely inoperable. This does not extend to audio quality or volume.

  • There is a verified issue with BoxCast technology and servers are down for at least 15 minutes.

  • The BoxCast software encounters a bug that significantly degrades your viewing experience.

  • Event ended within the past seven (7) days.

If you are experiencing issues viewing the broadcast, we recommend running through these troubleshooting steps, and contacting the company that is producing your broadcast first. If there is an issue on our end, please make sure we are contacted during the broadcast in an attempt to remedy the issue. If we are not notified during the broadcast, then we are unable to issue a refund.

Network or browser issues occurring on an end device, outside the control of BoxCast, do not warrant refunds. This includes the inability to watch a broadcast from a TV.

If you need to contact BoxCast, please email questions@boxcast.com with the name of the broadcast you are watching and the email you purchased the ticket with so we can process your refund.

FAQs for ticketed broadcasts

How do I find the link to view the event?

If you're having trouble viewing the broadcast, be sure to use the link that was sent to you via email.

What is the best way to watch a broadcast on my tv?

We have a support article with instructions for that.

What if I purchased the wrong event or day?

Reach out to our support team and they'll be happy to refund the ticket so you can purchase the correct event.

What if I'm not pleased with the camera angles or production value of the event?

BoxCast is the streaming provider, we don't produce it, which means we unfortunately don't have any control over the content, camera angles, audio quality, etc. The best thing to do in this scenario is reach out to the organization broadcasting your event and give them your feedback.

Still need help?

Learn more about our best practices for watching ticketed events, or get more troubleshooting help in our support page section for viewers.

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