BoxCast offers a simple-to-use ticketing system for your broadcasts where you can charge viewers a fee per broadcast or per channel. This will help generate revenue by selling tickets to your live or recorded broadcasts. BoxCast also offers a Flex Ticketing feature that will allow your viewers to watch for free at an SD (standard definition) quality broadcast or purchase a ticket for the HD (high definition) quality version of your broadcast.

Set Up BoxCast Ticketing

Click on Schedule a Broadcast, fill out the information for the broadcast, and select Ticketed under the Broadcast Type.


If you use the Flex ticketing feature you will get a message that says "Viewers will receive a low-quality stream for free" reminding you that viewers can watch in SD (standard definition) quality for free.


Set a ticket price. It must be a minimum of $4.00.

Finish scheduling, and the ticket price will now start showing up for that broadcast. This will work if the broadcast is embedded on your website, or someone is using the link.


Wondering what a viewer sees when they purchase a ticket? Click here!

You can also set up ticketing for a channel. This is useful if you are trying to have people pay 1 ticket price for multiple broadcasts. This can be used for Sports Tournaments, Educational Classes, Conferences, etc.

Set up a Ticketed Channel

Create a new channel, or click on Edit Channel Settings for an existing channel.


Once you have selected a channel, you can now embed that channel on your website or start sharing the link so viewers can start purchasing tickets for that channel. Clicking on Ticket Reports will show you how many tickets you have sold on that channel.


Not sure how to set up a channel? Click here!

How do I check how many tickets I sold?

Click on the reports tab in the BoxCast dashboard.


Click on ticket reports and select the option you wish to see the number of tickets from.


For this example, I selected "All Single Broadcast Tickets."


For timely disbursement of ticketing checks, please be sure to provide with a copy of your organization's W-9.

Common Questions

What is the ticketing split between BoxCast and my account?

The ticketing split is 75% to the client and 25% to BoxCast.

When do I get a check for our ticket revenue?

Your ticket revenue check will be sent to you every at the end of the fiscal quarter. If you have additional questions about this please reach out to our billing team at

How do I refund someone who bought a ticket?

Please reach out to with the name and email of the person you wish to refund and we will do it as soon as possible.

How does someone watch a broadcast once they buy a ticket?

Learn more about watching a broadcast when you've purchased a ticket.

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