Internet Sharing + The BoxCaster

Learn how to share internet (including wifi) with the BoxCaster from either a Mac or PC.

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Although we do not recommend the use of a Wi-Fi connection, we understand that sometimes it is necessary. Below are 3 ways you can connect your BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro to a Wi-Fi signal while also using it a hardline ethernet connection.

Internet Sharing on a Mac

Use an ethernet cable to plug into your Macbook and BoxCaster.

Once connected, go to System Preferences and click on a folder called Sharing.


Set Share your connection from: to Wi-Fi and then select the port you are connecting to. In this case, it is ok to select them all and let the BoxCaster do the rest.


Once the BoxCaster gets a green cloud, the box is now connected to the internet.

Internet Sharing on a PC

Start by plugging your BoxCaster into your computer via ethernet.

Log on to the Windows host computer (the one connected to the Internet) as an Administrator.

Go to Network Connections in your Control Panel by going to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center and then click Change adapter settings on the menu on the left.

Right-click your on the internet connection that you want to share (e.g., Local Area Connection) and click Properties.

Click the Sharing tab.

Check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection option.

Note: For the sharing tab to show up, you will need to have two types of network connections: one for your Internet connection and another that the client computers can connect to, such as a wireless adapter.

If it is still not connecting to your PC, please make sure you go to Properties, Networking, and turn off Microsoft, LLPD Protocol Driver.

Wi-Fi Extender

A Wi-Fi extender will extend the internet connection and carry the Wi-Fi signal farther. We highly recommend one that the BoxCaster can plug into via an ethernet connection, which provides a great middle-ground of mobility and reliability.

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