If this is your first test...

  • Ensure that your box is securely plugged into your internet connection and that the connection is active. Make sure you have blinking lights next to the Ethernet port on the BoxCaster.

  • If the line is active but the cloud icon is still not lit green, you are likely experiencing a network firewall blocking the BoxCaster from talking to our servers. Follow the instructions in this article for help with Firewalls.

In broadcast...

  • Check your stream diagnostics tab under the broadcast. This should indicate if you are having internet issues.

  • The Ethernet cable is bad. Check if the lights on the Ethernet port of the BoxCaster are lighting up. If they are not, try a different cable.

  • The network jack is bad. Plug a different device (e.g., a laptop) into the network jack. If that device can't get online either then your network jack is bad. Try a different jack.

  • If you have 2 or more BoxCasters it could be that the broadcast is scheduled on the wrong one. Always check that the broadcast is scheduled on the proper BoxCaster.

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