The first time you configure a wireless network, the BoxCaster will need a valid internet connection (either a hardline or an open wireless network). Once one wireless network has been configured, that can be used as a valid connection for other Wi-Fi configurations.

While Wi-Fi is available, we highly recommend using a hardline. Wireless transmission is an unreliable medium (at best) for high volume data transmission and can very quickly lead to video quality issues if you are not prepared to manage your wireless network.

Login to your BoxCast Dashboard. Go to Sources and select the BoxCaster you want to edit.


Click Configure Wi-Fi.


Once the BoxCaster has retrieved available wireless signals you can connect to your chosen wireless network. Be aware that we can only connect to a network that utilizes WEP / WEP2 (no enterprise level splash pages).

The BoxCaster will connect to the strongest network (as measured by network strength). So it is a good idea to uncheck the Allow BoxCaster to connect to open (unsecured) networks button. This will prevent the box from pulling a guest network that has a stronger connection than your configured private network.

Common Questions

Can the box connect to 5GHz networks?

No. The BoxCaster can only connect to a 2.4 GHz network.

Can the box be configured for a hidden network?

No. The BoxCaster must be able to see the network in order to connect to it.

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