BoxCaster Pro User Interface

Menus and states on the BoxCaster Pro and what they mean

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Home Screen

Home Screen While Live

The home screen gives you an overview. You can tap any of the sections for more in-depth information.


This block shows what video input type (ex. SDI) is currently selected for streaming along with the resolution and frame rate (ex. 1080p60) of the video provided by that signal. Learn more about the video screen here.

If you are looking for a preview of the video, see how on-screen preview works on the BoxCaster Pro.


This shows what type of network connection you are using, either Ethernet or Wi-Fi (wifi). If you are using Ethernet, the subtext will show if you are connected to the internet. If you are using Wi-Fi, it will list the name (SSID) of the network you are currently connected to. Learn more about the networking screen here.


This block shows the current audio levels. Learn more about the audio screen here.


This block will display information about your upcoming or live broadcast. In order for information to be displayed here, you must be connected to the Internet and successfully connected to BoxCast. This block will split into Broadcast Information and Broadcast Preview depending on the timing of the scheduled broadcast. The Broadcast Information will display one of the following states:

  • No Scheduled Broadcast - You need to schedule a broadcast on the BoxCast Dashboard or Broadcaster App.

  • Starting in [time] - A countdown timer to the next scheduled broadcast

  • Preparing broadcast - The Pro is starting the process of automatic setup for your broadcast.

  • Testing network - The Pro is testing your network. It will use these results to set the optimal streaming configuration.

  • Configuring broadcast - The Pro is configuring the optimal settings for your live stream based on network conditions and desired quality.

  • Going live in [time] - Your broadcast has been automatically configured. The countdown to live begins! At this time you can also now see the Broadcast Preview.

  • LIVE, Ending in [time] - You are live! The red “Live" indicator is shown. The countdown timer shows how much time is remaining in your scheduled broadcast.

Once a broadcast has ended, it will immediately show information about the next scheduled broadcast or if no broadcast is scheduled, it will return to “No Scheduled Broadcast.” Learn more about the broadcast screen here.

Preview Broadcast

The preview broadcast button will appear during the pre-roll period of any broadcast -approximately 10 minutes before a scheduled broadcast, or whenever the automatic broadcast configuration is complete. It will then be available for the duration of the broadcast. Learn more about the broadcast preview screen here.


Along with the LED light ring, the home screen will display alerts. A block will turn orange to indicate an alert. Alerts occur in the following situations:

No video input before a broadcast

This alert can show up to 10 minutes before a broadcast start time. Connect a video input to resolve it.


Loss of video input during a live broadcast

You cannot change the type of input once the broadcast is configured (ex. switching from HDMI to SDI). Connect the same type of video input to resolve the issue. You must end the broadcast and restart a new one if you need to change input types.


Loss of network connection during a live broadcast

Connect to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network to resolve the issue.


Video Screen

The video screen will indicate what video inputs are detected, and their respective resolutions and frame rates.

The teal will indicate the video input that is currently being used for streaming. You cannot select which video input to use from this screen. If both inputs are connected, the BoxCaster Pro will default to SDI. If you would like to use HDMI instead, please disconnect the SDI input. Learn more about BoxCaster Pro’s video input settings.

Network Screen

The network screen will show what networks the BoxCaster Pro is currently connected to.

Once connected, it will display the network information including the LAN IP, MAC Address, and SSID (Wireless). The type of network connection currently being used will be indicated with teal.

Audio Screen

The audio screen will display the audio levels for all detected audio sources. The currently active sources will be indicated with teal.

Note: Unless specifically selected in the dashboard, the Analog source will indicate that it is active even if no cables are connected. This is due to the nature of the analog connections.

You may also use this screen to control the headphone level by tapping the headphone icon in the top right corner.


Broadcast Screen

More than 10 Minutes Before Broadcast


  • The next scheduled upcoming broadcast

  • Countdown timer or status during broadcast preparation

  • Duration and Broadcast Type

Live or 10 Minutes before Broadcast Start Time



  • Status and Countdown Timer

  • Broadcast Name

  • Active Viewer Count

  • Duration

  • Type

  • Video Source

  • Audio Source

  • Resolution

  • Frame Frate

  • Bitrate - This will show the current bitrate, which is dynamically controlled by the encoder.

Broadcast Preview Screen


This screen is only available during a live broadcast or during the pre-roll state which happens up to 10 minutes before a live broadcast. It will show a live preview of the video that is being streamed. Note: Graphic overlays will not be displayed on the screen as they are applied after the video has been streamed to the cloud.

Tap the ℹ️ info button in the top right corner to show additional details about the broadcast as shown in this screenshot.

This screen also displays:

  • Broadcast Name

  • Active Viewer Count

  • Current Time / Broadcast Duration

  • Audio Levels

Tap the center of the video to enter into a full screen mode. Tap the screen again to bring the information back.

Device Info Screen

Press and hold on the Home screen for 2 seconds to bring up the Device Info page. Here you will find logistical information such as name and account relevant to your encoder.

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