Did my BoxCaster Pro Power Plug Change?
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Since the BoxCaster Pro was first released, our engineering team has worked to support and develop the product so that it continues to perform as a powerful, professional encoder. Different versions of the BoxCaster Pro have minor component differences with the same core functionality. This article will help you determine which version you have.

One change between versions of the BoxCaster Pro that you may notice is the power adaptor included in your SKB case. Prior versions of the Pro use a desktop supply from Mean Well with a 3 pole AC inlet, as you can see below.

Newer versions of the Pro use a desktop supply from CUI Inc with a 2 pole AC inlet, which is shown below.

Both versions of the power adaptor supply the same 12VDC @ 5A with a threaded, locking barrel jack connector. There are no performance or reliability differences between the two supplies, and they both function the same with the BoxCaster Pro.

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