Get Started with the BoxCaster Pro

Watch a video and follow this step-by-step guide intended for first-time BoxCaster Pro users.

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Check out this video to learn everything you need to know about the BoxCaster Pro.

*You can find the technical specifications of the BoxCaster Pro here.

Follow these steps to get started with your BoxCaster Pro:

Take your BoxCaster Pro and power supply out of the case and plug in the BoxCaster Pro. You'll notice the power supply has the ability to screw onto the Pro so it doesn't fall out. Once plugged in, the BoxCaster Pro will have a black screen and a white light illuminating around it for about 30–45 seconds before it fully powers on.


Once fully powered up, your BoxCaster Pro should look like this.


Plug your BoxCaster Pro into the internet with an ethernet cable. Follow these instructions if you plan on using Wi-Fi. Once connected, you'll be able to verify the connection on screen. If you click on the screen, you can also see more information about the network you're connected to.


Next, you'll plug in your video and audio source. The BoxCaster Pro has SDI and HDMI for video, and XLR/1/4 combo jacks for audio.

If you plan on running all your audio in video SDI or HDMI, you won't need to plug in anything for audio — everything will come through via SDI or HDMI.

If you plan on plugging in analog audio, you'll want to make sure you plug both left and right channels into the BoxCaster Pro.

Once everything is plugged in, you'll see your video connection on the screen and be able to tell if you're getting audio by the audio meters. Click Video Preview in the right corner to have the video go full screen.


Log in to your BoxCast Dashboard and schedule a test to make sure your live streams will work without a problem.

Other Tips for the BoxCaster Pro

Gain Control

When using analog audio (XLR or 1/4 Inch), you can control the gain by tapping the Analog levels on the Audio screen. Use the knob on the screen to adjust the gain. If any additional gain is required, you must use external amplification.


Headphone Jack

The BoxCaster Pro has a headphone output for monitoring the audio of your live stream. The audio you hear on the headphone output will always be the production feed that will be streamed. There may be a slight delay on the headphone audio.

Adjusting the Headphone Volume

In the audio screen, tap the headphone icon in the top right. Use the slider to adjust the volume.


USB-A Port

If your BoxCaster Pro has a USB-A port, it is only compatible with the BoxCast Scoreboard Assist. The USB port will not work with cellular modems or other USB accessories.

USB-C Port

BoxCaster Pros that have a USB-A port do not have a fully functional USB-C port. BoxCaster Pros that do not have a USB-A port support compatibility with the BoxCast Scoreboard Assist and USB-C Power Delivery via the USB-C port.


How much does the BoxCaster Pro cost?

You can find up to date BoxCaster Pro pricing on our website.

How can I purchase a BoxCaster Pro?

If you are not currently a customer, you'll need to sign up for a plan - there will be an option to add a BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro in the self checkout.

If you are a customer, you will go here, choose the option to Upgrade Your Plan. In the next screen, you'll choose to Keep Current Plan, and the next screen will let you choose an encoder to purchase.

If you need assistance or have questions, please book a meeting with your customer success manager, or email us,

Does the BoxCaster Pro have onboard recording?

No, but if this is something you'd like, please email and let us know why it would be important to you.

Can the BoxCaster Pro pass through my HDMI input to an SDI output, or my SDI input to a HDMI output?

No. The inputs and outputs for SDI and HDMI are simply passthrough. In other words, what comes in via HDMI goes out HDMI (same for SDI).

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