BoxCaster Pro Operating Conditions

Explains the correct operating conditions for the BoxCaster Pro and how to mitigate a situation when it overheats.

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What are the proper conditions for operating my BoxCaster Pro?

  • It has unrestricted airflow to all sides

  • It’s not on top of any other electronic devices

  • It’s not in direct sunlight

If the Pro is operated in the wrong conditions, there’s a chance it’ll overheat. The BoxCaster Pro has built-in safety features that’ll shut it down if there’s a risk of overheating or if the external casing reaches unsafe temperatures. If your BoxCaster Pro does shut down unexpectedly due to temperature, don’t worry — once it’s cooled down to normal operating temperature, it should work just fine.

What should I do if my BoxCaster Pro shuts down due to high temperature?

Warning: Be careful! Your BoxCaster Pro may be hot.

  1. Unplug your unit from its power source.

  2. Carefully move your Pro to a cooler location. Avoid placing it: 1) Anywhere airflow would be restricted to the unit. 2) Don’t put it in its protective case or a cabinet, under a cloth, or in any other enclosed space. 3) On top of other electronic devices. 4) In direct sunlight.

  3. Wait until your Pro cools down (timing may vary depending on conditions). If it’s at a comfortable temperature externally to the touch, it should be sufficiently cooled.

  4. Once cooled, plug the power source back into your Pro and wait for it to power on. If it shuts down again, it is likely still too hot, and you should repeat steps 1–3 once more. If the problem persists, please contact BoxCast Support.

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