This guide will help you quickly determine which version of the BoxCaster Pro you have, as well as if your BoxCaster Pro has specific functionality. All versions of the BoxCaster Pro have the same basic functionality with only minor differences between their ports.

There are two very simple ways to tell which type of BoxCaster Pro you have. The article below summarizes what to look for.

Look at the side

Earlier version BoxCaster Pros have a standard USB-A port and USB-C port. These ports are only compatible with the Scoreboard Assist and will not work with cellular modems or other USB accessories. The USB-C port on the earlier versions of the BoxCaster Pro does not support power delivery.

Later versions of the BoxCaster Pros only have a USB-C port. This port is still compatible with the Scoreboard Assist, and can also provide power to the box.

Look at the port labels

Earlier versions of the BoxCaster Pros have no labeling above the USB-C port.

Later versions of the BoxCaster Pro have a small lightning bolt icon above the USB-C port, which denotes the port’s ability to deliver power to the box.

If you have any additional questions about the version you have or its functionality, please reach out to us.

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