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Capture Scoreboard Data from a TransLux Fair-Play Scoreboard
Capture Scoreboard Data from a TransLux Fair-Play Scoreboard

This guide shows how to connect a TransLux Fair-Play scoreboard to a scoreboard adapter and enable the scorebug.

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In an effort to make sports broadcasting an entirely plug-and-play experience, BoxCast has video overlays that include real-time score and clock information within the broadcast. BoxCast has partnered with Trans-Lux Fair-Play to enable the BoxCaster to connect directly with the scoreboard control units. No need for a computer, software, or special setup.

Hardware Requirements From Trans-Lux

Control Unit: MP70 or MP72 (Must have firmware version 2.25 or later),

  • Note 1: Ensure your RS-232 port is configured for ProLine data format by responding "NO" to the "VIDEO CHAR?" prompt in the sport-specific setup (consult the manual for more details).

  • Note 2: If you use the MP-70/72 with a stats panel, we are not integrated with this configuration at this time.

Instructions for the Wireless Scoreboard Adaptors (WSA)

Step 1

With the BoxCaster powered off, plug in the (B) WSA to the BoxCaster via USB and plug in (A) WSA into the Trans-Lux scoreboard.


Step 2

Power on the BoxCaster and the (B) WSA Rx light will light up red while the (A) WSA Tx will light up green. This is how you know the 2 devices are talking to each other.

Scheduling a broadcast to use the WSA

Step 1

Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard and schedule a broadcast.

Step 2

While scheduling the broadcast, select your sport and select the correct scoreboard and scoreboard model.


Step 3

Finish scheduling and that's it!
If all these steps above are followed correctly, you will be able to input data to your Trans-Lux Fair-Play scoreboard that will now automatically be displayed on your BoxCast Stream!

If you have any other questions about how this works, please reach out to for more information.

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