BoxCast Scoreboard Assist FAQ

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about the BoxCast Scoreboard Assist

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How can Scoreboard Assist improve my organization’s broadcasts?

Combined with BoxCast’s Automatic Scoreboard Overlays, Scoreboard Assist gives you the ability to capture, customize, and stream scores in real time to your sports viewers.

What are Automatic Scoreboard Overlays?

BoxCast's Automatic Scoreboard Overlays display live scoreboard data along with customizable team names and colors on your stream while your games are happening.

What do I need to get up and running?

Connect Scoreboard Assist to your scoreboard controller and your BoxCast encoder. (You can connect with wireless or wired options.) Then, just configure your settings in the BoxCast Dashboard and you’re ready to go live!

Compatible scoreboard controllers are:

  • Trans Lux Fairplay MP70/72

  • Daktronics 5000 series

  • OES 9000 series

Check out our videos on how to set up each controller!

Don't see your scoreboard controller listed?

Submit an idea so we can track your request. Please include the make and model of the controller as well as any stat services you'd like us to consider.

How hard is it to use Scoreboard Assist during a sporting event?

Not hard at all! With Scoreboard Assist, you can easily stream real-time scores for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, and many other sports.

What should I do if something goes wrong with my score during a broadcast?

Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable streaming coaches. They’ll help you resolve any issues and explain how to use Scoreboard Assist’s advanced diagnostics.

How much does Scoreboard Assist Cost?

$599. When you sign up for BoxCast’s Automatic Scoreboard Overlays*, we’ll give you your first Scoreboard Assist for free! Already have Automatic Scoreboard Overlays? Connect with your client manager to learn how you can still qualify to receive a free Scoreboard Assist.

*Requires BoxCast Experience plan subscription.

What’s included in my Scoreboard Assist purchase?

Your Scoreboard Assist hardware comes with several cables and adapters, so you can easily connect to virtually any scoreboard controller.

What do the LED lights on my Scoreboard Assist mean?

The meaning of Scoreboard Assist’s LED lights are outlined below.

What do I have to do in order to wirelessly pair my Scoreboard Assist transmitter and receiver?

Your Scoreboard Assist will already have been paired prior to your initial unboxing. If for some reason your Scoreboard Assist transmitter and receiver fail to pair, the Link LED light on your transmitter will glow yellow. To once again pair your units, press and hold the pairing buttons on the transmitter and the receiver, respectively, until they blink blue, signifying they’re in pairing mode. Once paired, the Link LED light on each unit will glow solid blue.

Can Scoreboard Assist’s transmitter and receiver be in different rooms?

We always recommend for you to try to keep your Scoreboard Assist transmitter and receiver within clear line of sight of each other. If this isn’t possible, you can easily test the connection of your setup using the Link LED light to determine whether or not they’re connected.

How will I know if scoreboard data is being received from my scoreboard controller?

If the Scoreboard Assist Scoreboard Activity LED light on your transmitter is flashing blue, scoreboard data is being received from your scoreboard controller. If the Scoreboard Activity LED light turns off, that means no data is being received. You can also log in to the BoxCast dashboard to review real-time diagnostics.

What should I do if my scoreboard information is showing up in the wrong spot or missing in different areas?

If your live stream’s scoreboard overlays aren’t correctly displaying your scoreboard information, first verify that the sport chosen on both your scoreboard controller and BoxCast broadcast are the same. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please contact our expert streaming coaches at 888-392-2278 or to promptly resolve the issue.

What is RS-422/485 Termination?

The Scoreboard Assist transmitter device has the capability to apply an internal 120-ohm termination resistance to the RS-422/485 port. This termination is often required for correct reception of data from scoreboard controllers using this port, especially if long cable lengths are used. However, in some cases, data reception may be better without termination, so we have provided the ability to turn termination on / off. To change the termination state, follow this procedure:

  1. Press and hold the termination button until the termination LED begins blinking.

  2. Press the termination button to toggle termination control to the desired state (termination LED blue = termination on, yellow = termination off).

  3. Press and hold the termination button until the termination LED returns to solid color, confirming the termination setting.

Note: This control ONLY applies to Trans-Lux Fair-Play users using the “Scoreboard Port” on their controller. It will not have any impact if you are using any other controller, or if you are using the RS-232 connection on a Trans-Lux Fair-Play.

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