When using audio via HDMI or Analog (RCA), you can adjust the gain of incoming audio levels by going into the advanced settings of the BoxCaster. To find this, click on sources, click on the BoxCaster you want to change the audio on, click on edit settings, and lastly, the audio tab. This will allow you to adjust the gain of your BoxCaster by -3 or +3. You can do this mid-broadcast as well but we recommend testing this beforehand so it's at the level you desire.

BoxCaster Pro

When using analog audio (XLR or 1/4 inch), you can control the gain by tapping the Analog levels on the Audio screen. Use the knob on the screen to adjust the gain. If any additional gain is required, you must use external amplification.

This will only work with analog audio. This currently does not work if you are bringing in audio via SDI or HDMI.

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