The BoxCaster accepts RCA connections for any audio. Most audio mixers have an RCA out or will have an output that can be converted to RCA.

Check to see if your Audio Mixer has an RCA Output. If it does, take an RCA Cable and plug one end into the mixer and the other end into the BoxCaster. See the example below for more details.

Note: If your audio mixer does not have an RCA Output, you will need to convert that signal into RCA. Here are some converters that could work:

While scheduling a broadcast you are going to want to switch the Audio Source to Analog Only. You can find this on the Confirm tab while scheduling an event.


This will only change it for this that one broadcast. There is an ability to hard code the box to Analog Only and this will ensure that all your broadcasts will select the RCA signal over the HDMI signal. To do that, go to Sources, click on the BoxCaster and edit the settings.

Here is an example of how to hook your BoxCaster up to an audio mixer:


Since the BoxCaster needs an RCA feed (Red and white cables), we took an RCA cable and went from the output of the audio mixer, into the BoxCaster.


For more questions about how to hook up an audio mixer to your BoxCaster, feel free to contact the support team at

How do I bring mixer audio into the BoxCast Broadcaster app?

Check out this article for more information: Connecting an Audio Mixer to the Broadcaster App.

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