Hudl Focus + BoxCast

An overview for streaming a Hudl Focus camera feed via RTMP from OBS (as well as how to input a Focus feed into the BoxCaster).

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While a Hudl Focus video feed can stream directly to YouTube, there's a growing need for providing that same feed to live streaming platforms that can stream to multiple destinations at the same. This article will cover two specific ways of achieving this with BoxCast.

Live Streaming RTMP from OBS

One manner in which to live stream a Hudl Focus feed is with the additional use of Open Broadcast Software (OBS).

Download OBS. OBS is open-source software for video recording and live streaming and free to download.

Next, configure the Hudl Focus. For instructions on configuring your Hudl Focus camera to connect to OBS please refer to this article.

After that is done, you'll set up an RTMP output in OBS. We have instructions for that in our article explaining how to connect OBS to BoxCast.

Live Streaming Through the BoxCaster

BoxCast has verified this method based on a BoxCaster user contribution, so a brief summary has been included. BoxCast cannot provide support for the Magewell device; if you encounter an issue, we advise you reach out to Magewell support directly.

If wishing to route a Hudl Focus feed into the BoxCaster via HDMI, you will first need to connect the Focus to your network. The Hudl Focus camera connects to your network with a single ethernet cable.

Likewise, you will want to obtain a device that will allow you to convert H.26x to HDMI and connect it to the same network as the Hudl Focus (the Magewell Pro Convert H.26x to HDMI). This device needs to be able to take the IP camera feed and output the signal via HDMI. The decoder's HDMI output can then run directly into the HDMI input of the BoxCaster.

Still having difficulties with streaming your Hudl video feed?

Please reach out to the technical support team at and we would be happy to help!

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