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MediaShout allows you to add lyrics and presentations to your broadcast. Learn how to set up your workflow to work with BoxCast.

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MediaShout is a church presentation software that can be used to overlay lyrics on your live stream, in combination with the appropriate video streaming software/hardware. In this article, we will go over how to do this with OBS and we will go over how to do this with a Blackmagic Atem Video Switcher. This article is assuming that you already have MediaShout installed on a computer If you do not, visit their website for more information.

Connecting MediaShout 7 to BoxCast via OBS

Equipment needed:
- BoxCaster or BoxCaster Pro
- PC Computer for using MediaShout and OBS

- 2 Computer Monitors

- Capture card

- Video Camera

MediaShout has an article on this as well. Feel free to reference it if needed or if you are looking for more information.

Step 1

Download OBS to your computer with MediaShout on it.

Step 2

Open up OBS and add a Camera feed (Video Capture Device) by clicking the + sign under sources. You will want to select your camera and click ok.

Step 3

Now that your video feed is showing, the next step is to add MediaShout as another layer. Press the + button at the bottom in the Sources box again, and this time select Display Capture. You will want to add your Stage display with a black background.

Step 4

Now you will want to drag the lyrics on-screen to where you wish to see them in the video, we will get rid of the black box in the next couple of steps.

Step 5

Now that your image is in place, right-click on it, and select “Filters” from the menu.

Step 6

On the Filters screen, click the + button on the bottom left, and choose “Color Key” from the menu. Click ok and select Custom Color in the "Key Color Type."

Step 7

Choose the color black as the custom color and click ok. Once select, click close at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Step 8

Now you will have the lyrics overlayed inside of OBS and are ready to stream to Boxcast.

To stream to BoxCast, you can either use the OBS RTMP option or a BoxCaster. To use the RTMP Option, you will need to have a more powerful computer but here are the instructions to do so. If you use a BoxCaster, that will take the stress of streaming off your computer and is generally recommended in this streaming situation. To learn how to do this, check out this article here.

Connecting MediaShout 7 to BoxCast via Blackmagic Atem Switcher

Step 1

Plug your computer running MediaShout into your Atem Switcher with an HDMI cable.

Step 2

Output your MediaShout "Stage" view to your Atem Switcher with an all-black background to a camera input on your Atem.

*Note: Make sure you go into your display settings of MediaShout and select your stage display as your Atem. In this example, its display 3.

Step 3

Now that the computer is plugged into the Atem you will want to open up your Atem Software Control and click on Palettes on the right side of the software.

Step 4

Open up the Downstream Keys (DSK) section and make the Fill Source and Key Source the same camera input you plugged your computer into. In this example, my computer is plugged into input 2.

This will automatically take the black background out without any other setting changes. If it doesn't take all the black out perfectly, click on Pre Multiplied Key and adjust the "Clip" and "Gain" settings until it takes away the black fully.

Step 5

Click on the "ON AIR" DSK 1 button to apply the overlay to the program feed. This will then apply to your live stream.

If you are seeing the lyrics on your Program feed of your Atem, you followed the steps correctly!

Need Help?

For this product, we recommend reaching out to the experts at MediaShout. Click here to reach them!

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