PTZOptics Camera + BoxCast

This article will walk you through the steps needed to connect your PTZOptics camera to BoxCast via RTMP

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If you have set your camera up with your network already, skip to step 7. If not, start at step 1 to connect your camera to the network and enter the PTZOptics control panel.

Step 1

Power on your camera, plug it into a monitor via SDI or HDMI, and plug it directly into your network. Preferably, you should plug it into the network you will be using for internet.

Step 2

Grab the remote that came with the camera and click #*4. This will reset the camera and set it up for DHCP. This will allow it to receive an IP address from your network, so you can log into the camera and complete the set up through your computer browser.

Step 3
Go to your Mac or PC, and download the Upgrade Tool from your internet browser. You can find that by going to

Step 4
Once it's done downloading, open the software on your computer, and click search to find your camera.

Step 5

Right click on the camera that pops up and click "config". Change mode to DHCP and click set. The camera will reset and you will need to search for it again to get the IP address.

Step 6

Go back to the upgrade tool, and find your camera's IP address.

Type the IP address into your web browser:

After that, you will need to log into the camera. The username is "admin" and the password is "admin" by default.

A new screen will pop up, allowing you to see all of your camera controls.

Step 7

Now that you are logged into your camera, it's time to configure it to send to BoxCast via RTMP. Start by going to Network on the left side of the screen.

Step 8
Go to your BoxCast dashboard and create a source for your PTZ camera. If you need instructions on how to create a source, click here. Copy the RTMP URL so you can paste it into the PTZ software.

Go to RTMP(S) Settings in the PTZCamera tool. Under First Stream, you will need to select On, and check the video and audio boxes. Paste the RTMP URL into the MRL box. When you have entered everything, click Apply at the bottom of the screen.

Step 9

Click on System and then reboot to apply enable the RTMP settings, and begin sending the camera feed to BoxCast.

Once the camera reboots, you will now notice a green dot next to your RTMP Source in the BoxCast dashboard.

Step 10

Run a test broadcast by clicking on the RTMP source in the BoxCast Dashboard. Once you start the test, the broadcast should begin shortly.

If the test works, you are ready to stream! One key thing to remember is the PTZOptics camera can stream to BoxCast 24/7, but that does not mean you are live on BoxCast at that time. You still want to schedule a broadcast when you plan to go live. Leaving the camera on and "streaming" is the recommend way to connect when you are ready to stream through BoxCast.

If you have questions about setting up your PTZOptics camera, we highly recommend reaching out to their support team at

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