The Broadcaster Dashboard makes it easy to set up multiple, recurring events. For example, you could set up a worship service every Sunday or a town hall meeting every Wednesday.

Schedule a New Recurring Event

Step 1
Click into Schedule an Event.

Step 2
Enter a the event Name, Description, and other settings as you normally would.

Step 3
Consider using the special token "[date]" if you would like that automatically added to the name and/or description. For example, you could type the name as "Sunday morning service on [date]". Then, on each occurrence, that "[date]" token will be dynamically replaced by the properly formatted date for that instance.

  • e.g., If in the title section you type Sunday Morning Service on [date] your live broadcast title will be Sunday Morning Service on March 16, 2017 (the date will automatically adjust to reflect the actual broadcast date)

Step 4
On the scheduling section, select the date and time you would like the event to start.

Step 5
Then select the checkbox named "Make This a Recurring Event".

Step 6
Select when you would like the recurrence to end. This could be after a certain number of events (up to 100) or by a certain date.

Step 7
Select the recurrence interval. This could be either "Daily", "Weekly", or "Monthly". Daily events will be scheduled for every single day until the end, at the same time of day as the original event. Weekly events will be scheduled on the same day of week as the original event. Monthly events will be scheduled on the same day of month (as long as there are that many days in the month; otherwise it will be scheduled for the last day of the month).

Step 8

Finish filling out the rest of the fields and click "Schedule This Event".

Step 9
Review the new list of events that have been added to your dashboard. You can individually edit or delete any instance as necessary.

Need to edit or delete your recurring events?

Learn how in this article.

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