Capture and share your memories live in HD, on the go. Try the Broadcaster App for free with our BoxCast Go Plan.

With the Broadcaster app, you have the ability to not only stream to your website and BoxCast TV apps (Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV) but you can also stream to your social media with our integrations. Follow the steps below to learn how.

*We recommend linking your YouTube and Periscope (Twitter) accounts before logging in to the app, as it will help with this process. You'll need to link Facebook in the Broadcaster app. Link your accounts in the Dashboard here: Dashboard Integrations Page

**Be aware, Facebook operates on individual users. You must have a user who is assigned as a page admin in order to send to that page. You can't use a business page login. You must use your own Facebook credentials and then be set as an admin of the business page through Facebook's settings.

Step 1

Log in to the Broadcaster app and click the Schedule Broadcast button.

Step 2

Fill out your broadcast information and select Destinations.

Step 3

To schedule for Facebook Live, click Link Facebook Account.

Step 4

Click Continue when it says "Broadcaster" Wants to Use "" to Sign In.

Step 5

Sign in to your Facebook account with your personal Facebook credentials. You can't sign in as a page but you will be able to select a page you are an admin of while scheduling. Once you're done, hit Continue.


Step 6

Now that you're signed in, click on your Facebook account.

Step 7

Your selection will appear at the top of the screen. You'll want to click on your Facebook integration to select the page you want to stream to. If you plan on streaming directly to your personal timeline, you're ready to go.

Step 8

Now that Facebook is all set up, select the other destinations you want to stream to. If you've already set them up in the Dashboard, you can just click on them. You can also click on them individually to adjust privacy settings. Once you're done, click the < arrow in the top-left corner.

Step 9

If all your settings look correct, hit Create to begin streaming. We'll automatically send your broadcast to all the destinations you selected.

Common Questions

What's the best way to get audio into my iPhone or iPad?
This article explains how to bring mixer audio into the Broadcaster app. You can also check out this video on how to send audio from a mixer to your iPhone X.

What microphone do you recommend for broadcasting with my phone?

We recommend the Shure MV88+. Here's our quick review video of this mic.

Does the Broadcaster app work on Android devices?
Not currently. We recommend an app called Larix to stream with Android. Check out this article: How to use Larix Streaming App with the BoxCast Platform (Android Streaming App)

Do I need to be on a BoxCast plan to use the Broadcaster app?

BoxCast offers a free 14-day trial you can begin here: Start your Trial Today. After that, you'll need to be on a BoxCast plan.

What devices are supported by the Broadcaster app?

The Broadcaster app will work on any Apple devices with iOS 10 and later. iOS 11 is required for HEVC encoding. Below is a list of devices that'll work with HEVC encoding. You can also check out this article to see if your device is on there.

  • iPod Touch – 7th generation

  • iPhone – 7 or 7 Plus or later

  • iPad – 6th generation or later

  • iPad Air – 3rd generation

  • iPad mini – 5th generation

  • iPad Pro – 10.5 inch

  • iPad Pro – 11 inch

  • iPad Pro – 12.9 inch, 2nd generation or later

Can I watch a live stream with this app?

No. Broadcaster is for organizations that stream live events. If you're trying to watch an event streamed with BoxCast, contact the organizations for viewing information.

Do I need hardware (like a BoxCaster or a BoxCaster Pro) to use this app?
No. While BoxCast hardware is great in many workflows, it isn't required. The Broadcaster app uses your device and the BoxCast service to transcode and stream your broadcast.

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