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Scheduling a Simulated Live Broadcast
Scheduling a Simulated Live Broadcast

Learn how to use our Simulated Live feature to schedule and re-broadcast an existing recording.

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The BoxCast Simulated Live feature allows for re-broadcasting a past broadcast or it allows you to upload a video of your own and broadcast it as if it were live. Remember that uploads are archived as past broadcasts, so they can only be uploaded using a past date/time. Once uploaded, reference the following step-by-step instructions to schedule a Simulated Live stream using an upload as the source file.


  • BoxCast advises including at least 30s of bumper footage to the start and end of a broadcast destined for re-broadcast, whether by editing this footage into a file from outside the BoxCast dashboard (e.g. video file is processed in an editing software) and then uploading, or it is included in the original source broadcast being re-broadcast for Simulated Live.

  • Simulated Live is not available with all plans. If wishing to add to your plan, please contact your client manager at

Simulated Live for an Uploaded File

First, you'll need to upload the video from your computer, using these instructions.

Then you'll simply go to the broadcast and schedule it using the steps below.

Simulated Live for a Past Broadcast

Begin by clicking on the broadcast you'd like to schedule, and then click on

Re-Broadcast (Simulated Live).


Next, fill out the scheduling information while ensuring the Source Broadcast is the archive you wish to re-broadcast. Viewership preferences may now also be set when scheduling or editing a broadcast. This preference determines whether viewers may watch the recorded broadcast back, or whether it is only available to view live. Learn more about viewership preferences from our support article.


Once scheduled, this broadcast will appear as an upcoming broadcast in the Dashboard. and automatically play at the scheduled start time.


Simulated Live for an Upcoming Broadcast

Click on the upcoming broadcast you'd like to re-broadcast, and then select

Re-Broadcast (Simulated Live).

Fill out the scheduling information while ensuring the Source Broadcast is the upcoming event you'd like to eventually re-broadcast.

Once scheduled, this broadcast will appear as an upcoming broadcast in the Dashboard.

Common Questions

Does Simulated Live re-broadcast the original recording or the trimmed/replaced version?

- Re-broadcasting will source the trimmed or replaced version of your source broadcast.

Can I stream to Facebook or YouTube with Simulated Live?

- Yep! You can broadcast to all the same places as you would with any other live BoxCast broadcast.

Can I schedule a Simulated Live broadcast for a future broadcast?

- Yep! See the Simulated Live for an Upcoming Broadcast section in this article.

Can I schedule a recurring Simulated Live broadcast?

- Yes, but it will broadcast the same content every time. So you can re-broadcast the same archive over and over again, but you can't set up a Simulated Live event to dynamically change the source file each week.

Can I schedule a re-broadcast of my broadcast immediately after it ends?

- Yes, but we recommend that you leave a 5–10 minute buffer between, to ensure the recording is saved in time to be replayed. For example, we'd recommend you schedule a rebroadcast of your 9–10 a.m. broadcast for 10:05–11:05 a.m. at the earliest. If you schedule back to back, you risk not going live on time.

If my source broadcast has captions, will those appear on the rebroadcast?

- Yes.

Will my Simulated Live broadcast display an archive for later viewing?

- Yes, though you can choose to enable live-only viewing at either a per broadcast level or within your account settings preferences. More details here.

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