Uploading a Schedule in Bulk

Steps to uploading a pre-existing schedule to BoxCast

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To schedule multiple broadcasts at once, you can use the recurring broadcasts feature or our Bulk Broadcast Uploading feature. This feature allows you to download a template, create your schedule in a spreadsheet, and re-upload it to BoxCast as a CSV. Here is how it works.

Click Schedule then select Bulk Import (CSV).

Read the detailed directions for an overview of the template. Download the template and open in your chosen spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, etc.)

Enter in your broadcast schedules, noting the formatting guidelines outlined on the first page.

Export the file as a CSV, then upload the CSV to bulk uploader window.

Allow the service to verify your spreadsheet. If any errors occur, please fix them within the spreadsheet and then re-upload.

At the confirmation screen, you may add social media destinations for all broadcasts in the batch or add thumbnail images for each broadcast.

Click Finalize Import to create your broadcasts.

For more details, see the instructions in the dashboard.

Common Questions

Can I add Social Media Destinations?
Yes, you can add them to all of the broadcasts at once after uploading the spreadsheet. If you would like to stream them to different destinations, you can edit them individually afterward or upload them in batches.


Can I select multiple channels?
No. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the current system. Let us know if you would like to see that added here.

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