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Understand the Function of the Lights on the BoxCaster
Understand the Function of the Lights on the BoxCaster

Learn what all the lights on your BoxCaster do and what it means when they're illuminated.

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When the BoxCaster is plugged into a power source, the white LED lights glow dimly. After ~30 seconds these LEDs should get noticeably brighter indicating that your unit is fully powered up.


Cloud Icon

The cloud will light up green once the box is able to talk to BoxCast servers. If this icon does not turn green, it is likely due to an inactive ethernet connection or a firewall issue.

Check that your line is active by plugging into a different device. If it is, then contact those in charge of your network and ask them to whitelist the unit (using the MAC ID found on the bottom of the device).


Camera Icon

Once you plug a valid video source into the box, the camera icon will light up green. If no source is plugged in it will either remain unlit or will blink red (if a broadcast is preparing).

If the camera icon is blinking red, check your video connections to insure they are securely plugged in. Then check your camera to insure it is powered on and passing a valid video resolution.


Arrow Icon

The Arrow will naturally exist in an unlit state. Once you are within 10 minutes of a scheduled broadcast this icon will being to blink green, indicating that the unit is configuring the stream. Once configured, the arrow will become solid and remain so until the scheduled end of your broadcast is reached.



If the LEDs are blinking in succession, this indicates the BoxCaster’s software is updating. This may take up to 30 minutes for large updates (which may include your initial setup) but usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes on most internet connections. If this occurs, wait until the online light is solid for two minutes.

Firmware updates will not occur within an hour of a scheduled broadcast.

Watch this video on Getting Started with BoxCast! This will explain basics of plugging in your unit and scheduling a broadcast.

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