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Group specific broadcasts into a single video player so viewers see only events specified for that channel.

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Channels are a way to group specific broadcasts into a single video player so that viewers see only events specified for that channel (e.g. you can create a list of baseball-specific videos, or group your service broadcasts by sermon series).

Published Channel

Here is an example of what your published channel looks like once it's embedded onto your website. You'll be able to see a list of videos, as well as the thumbnail and description.

Create a New Channel

Click the Channels tab on the left-hand side of the screen.


Click the green Add a Channel button to create a new channel. This will open a new window where you can enter more details.

The Overview tab will allow you to give your channel a name, description, preview image, and change visibility. The website and content language sections are related to a Podcast channel. View our Podcast article to learn more.


The Privacy and Security tab will allow you to enable geo-blocking, password protection or embedding restrictions to your channel.


You can use a channel to create a podcast that includes all of the broadcasts assigned to that channel. The Podcasting tab will allow you to adjust settings and create a feed that can be sent to Apple Podcasts or the Google Play store. Learn more about podcasting with BoxCast.


The Advanced tab is for our API integration.

After you create a channel, you can add broadcasts to the channel from the scheduling page.


If you want to add past broadcasts to a channel, you can do that too. You'll simply click on the broadcast, hit Edit, and then go to the Publish tab. You'll see the Channels field there.

Common Questions

Can I embed a channel on my website?

Does a public channel make my ticketed broadcasts free?

No, your individual broadcast settings will be applied to videos, even if they are in a channel. That includes ticketing, password protection, etc.

Can I ticket a channel and a single broadcast?

You can. You will want to ticket that broadcast and then ticket the channel. To give you an example, if you had 10 broadcasts in a channel all ticketed at $9.99 each but you wanted to offer a viewer the ability to watch all 10 broadcasts at a bulk price of $74.99, you would ticket the channel at $74.99 and that will override the individual broadcasts tickets settings.

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