Channels are a way to group specific broadcasts into a single video player so that viewers see only events specified for that channel (e.g. you can create a list of Baseball specific videos or group your service broadcasts by sermon series).

Create a New Channel

Step 1

Click the Channels tab on the left-hand side of the screen.


Step 2

Click the green Add a Channel Button to create a new channel. This will open a new window where you can enter the specifics of your channel.

The Overview tab will allow you to give your channel a name, description, preview image, and change visibility. The website and content language sections are related to a Podcast channel. To learn more about that, click here.


The Privacy and Security tab will allow you to enable Geo-Blocking, Password Protection or Embedding Restrictions to your channel.


The Podcasting tab will allow you to make it a podcasting channel that can be sent to Apple Podcasts or the Google play store. Learn more about podcasting with BoxCast.


The Advanced tab is for our API integration.

Step 3

After you create a channel, you will now be able to add broadcasts to the channel on the scheduling page.


Common Questions

Can I embed a channel on my website?

Yes! Learn more about embedding your channel.

Does a public channel make my ticketed broadcasts free?

No! Your individual broadcast settings will be applied to that channel. That could be ticketing, password protection, etc.

Can I ticket a channel and a single broadcast?

Yes! You will want to ticket that broadcast and then ticket the channel. To give you an example, if you had 10 broadcasts in a channel all ticketed at $9.99 each but you wanted to offer a viewer the ability to watch all 10 broadcasts at a bulk price of $74.99, you would ticket the channel at $74.99 and that will override the individual broadcasts tickets settings.

Please reach out to for more information.

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