SlingStudio + BoxCast

This step-by-step guide shows how to connect SlingStudio hardware to BoxCast for live streaming.

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SlingStudio and BoxCast can work together to create your live event. There are two ways to connect your BoxCast account to SlingStudio.

Stream from SlingStudio directly via RTMP

You will need to create an RTMP source in the BoxCast dashboard. Once the RTMP source is created, the Server URL and Stream Key will be available to copy and paste into SlingStudio.

Assuming you've properly set up your SlingStudio hardware and video sources, launch SlingStudio's Console app on your device, connecting to the hotspot as prompted.

From the menu button, select Create/Open Project, followed by creating a NEW PROJECT and completing the necessary information, until reaching the LIVE BROADCASTING section.

Enable the toggle switch for LIVE BROADCASTING.

Under the LIVE BROADCASTING section, find BROADCAST DESTINATION and then click on Select a Destination.

Click on Custom RTMP, followed by Add New RTMP.

From the RTMP source created in your BoxCast dashboard, copy the Server URL and enter it where prompted in SlingStudio. Do the same with your Stream Key.


Schedule a Broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard (if you haven't already).

Assuming your audio and video feeds are properly adjusted in SlingStudio, click the GO LIVE button in the Console and it will begin sending data to BoxCast.

Connecting a SlingStudio to a BoxCaster

Connect the BoxCaster to your SlingStudio unit’s HDMI OUT port using a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.

The SlingStudio unit should be powered up, the SlingStudio Console app should be connected to the SlingStudio hotspot, and you should have a project open.

In the SlingStudio Console app, tap HDMI OUT in the lower-left corner.
A popup menu appears:

From the popup menu that appears, choose the best option for your needs. In this case, you will want to choose the PROGRAM VIDEO, which streams the video currently in the Program window in the SlingStudio Console app to the BoxCaster and includes audio.

You should then be able to stream normally through the BoxCaster, with SlingStudio as your source.

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