BoxCast says "Too Many Active Devices Watching..."

If you see an error message that says "There are too many active devices watching with this ticket," use this article to resolve the issue.

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When you purchase a ticket to a broadcast on BoxCast, you'll notice a message towards the bottom of the email that grants you the right to view on only one simultaneous device:

This ticket grants you the right to one simultaneous view. Note that abuse of the ticket is tracked and monitored.

If you receive the following message while trying to watch a live stream, we've detected that too many devices are attempting to watch the broadcast using the ticket you purchased:

There are too many active devices watching with this ticket.
​This ticket grants the right for one device to watch this broadcast concurrently.

If you want to switch to a different playback device (e.g. from a laptop to a tablet), you can do so by taking the following steps:

  1. On the first device, close any browser windows or apps that are being used to watch the broadcast.

  2. On the new device, load (or reload) the webpage for the stream.

If you want to watch on additional playback devices concurrently, you will need to purchase additional tickets.

You can also share the broadcast with friends and family by using the the social sharing buttons – Share on Facebook, Share on X (Twitter) – rather than forwarding them your ticket purchase email.

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