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Connect AWS Elemental MediaLive to BoxCast
Connect AWS Elemental MediaLive to BoxCast

This article guides you through the steps to live stream using AWS Elemental Live to BoxCast.

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You can stream your broadcast to AWS Elemental MediaLive by using our "Other RTMP" social streaming configuration. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting - you'll be simultaneously broadcasting to both BoxCast and AWS Elemental MediaLive.

Follow these steps below to successfully stream to AWS Elemental MediaLive through BoxCast.

Login to your AWS Elemental account and access your channel settings to acquire your RTMP ingest endpoint.

This will give you a URL that you can put in the Generic RTMP section of the BoxCast scheduling process. Your RTMP ingest URL should look something like "rtmp://", and we will need to split this into two different pieces:

  • The end of the URL after the slash is the Stream Key "123456789123456789-1"

  • The beginning of the URL is the RTMP base URL "rtmp://"

  • IMPORTANT: We will also need to add an extra application name of "/live" to the URL, so the full RTMP URL becomes "rtmp://"

โ€‹โ€‹Now that we have the RTMP URL and Stream Key, go to and log in.

Enter your RTMP URL and Stream Key into the Genetic RTMP section of the scheduling process.


Finish scheduling, and when your stream goes live, you will be live on all your BoxCast, AWS Elemental MediaLive, and any other location you send your stream to through BoxCast.

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