Streaming to a Facebook Event

As of January 2020, Facebook doesn't support streaming to events through their API, which means that there's no way to simply set it up from the BoxCast dashboard to stream directly to the event. You can however stream to a Facebook event via rtmp from BoxCast.

Streaming to a Facebook Group

Log in to the BoxCast Dashboard and go to Settings, followed by Integrations, and link your Facebook account. If your Facebook account is already linked and this is your first time streaming to a group, please click the Re-Link Integration button.


Go to your Facebook account and click on the group you wish to stream to. You must be an administrator of the group to set up live streaming. Once you get to the group, scroll down the left side menu to Settings.

Scroll to the bottom of the settings to Advanced Settings and click Apps.

Click on Add Apps.

Search for BoxCast and click the BoxCast app that comes up.

Click Add.

Schedule a broadcast in the Boxcast Dashboard and select the group you wish to stream to.


Optional: Once the broadcast is scheduled, click on Create the scheduled live event now to show your group members you'll be going live at a certain time.


Once you go live, the broadcast will automatically appear on your group page.

You're all set! If you need additional help, reach out to us at or through the chat.

If you want to stream to your Facebook page or timeline, we have a separate article for that.

Should an issue seemingly unique to Facebook be encountered, or confirmed in discussion with a BoxCast representative, you may report the issue to Facebook.

Please note:

If a group hasn't added the BoxCast app and a user tries to post, all account users will get an email like this one. Please add the BoxCast app to the group before streaming.

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