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Learn how to send your streams to Facebook Live.

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Should an issue seemingly unique to Facebook be encountered, or so much as confirmed in discussion with a BoxCast representative, you may report the issue as outlined here on this Facebook troubleshooting page.

It is also worth checking your Live Producer page for any warnings from Facebook regarding your account.

BoxCast has the ability to easily broadcast to Facebook Live. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting because you can simultaneously broadcast to unlimited destinations. This includes a BoxCast video player on your website, Apple/Roku/Fire TV, Facebook Live, YouTube, X (Twitter), and any other RTMP destination. If you're trying to stream to a Facebook Group, check out this support article for more information.

Be aware, Facebook operates on individual users. You must have a user who is designated as an admin of a page in order to send to a page. You CANNOT use a business page login. You must use your own Facebook credentials and be set as an admin of the business page through Facebook's settings.

If you'd like to do this with the Broadcaster app, check out this article: Stream to Social Media Platforms with the Broadcaster App

Configuring your account to stream to Facebook Live

Note: If the Facebook account is already integrated, skip to step 4 on how to schedule a broadcast for sending to Facebook Live.

Click Settings in the bottom-left corner of the Dashboard, then click Add Integration and click Link Facebook Account.


Next, enter your Facebook credentials to log in securely through Facebook.

When asked Who can see BoxCast's posts on your Timeline?, be sure to select Public. This gives BoxCast permission to post the live stream on your Facebook Timeline or the timeline of any pages you manage.

Note: If you leave this selection as Friends, you won't be able to post to the timeline of any pages you manage! Page posts require public visibility.

The pages you can post to will be under Pages Managed. If you don't see the account you want to stream to, please check to make sure you're an admin β€” not an editor β€” of that page.

The integration will link your personal account and allow you to stream to any page or group you're an admin of.


Now that your account is all set up, let's schedule a broadcast to go to Facebook Live. Click on Schedule a Broadcast.

When you get to the Destinations section, click on Facebook.


Once you select Facebook, you'll see My Timeline, Page, and Group. Selecting Page or Group will provide a drop-down menu allowing the selection of a page or group you wish to stream to.


After selecting which destinations you wish to stream to, finish scheduling.

To double-check that everything's set up correctly to go to Facebook, go to the Broadcast Details page and you'll see Facebook under the Destinations section.


Once your live stream starts, the stream will automatically be sent off to Facebook and create a Facebook Live Stream.

Common Questions

Why do I need to link my personal account?

It'll link your personal account and allow you to steam to any Facebook Pages you're an admin for. So if you're an admin of multiple pages through your personal Facebook login, you'll have access to all those pages (as long as you grant BoxCast permission) via that same single login. Once the integration is configured, your Dashboard will display the pages Facebook says your account is allowed to manage.

Can I stream to Facebook and YouTube at the same time?

My Facebook account is integrated in the BoxCast Dashboard, but my stream didn't go to Facebook. What happened?

  • Be sure the destination has been scheduled (see Step 8). If not scheduled, follow Steps 4-7.

  • Facebook may be experiencing outages.

Can I stream to a Facebook group or event?

Unfortunately, no. Facebook has removed the ability to stream to a group or event from the API. We recommend streaming to your church's public page instead.

What restrictions are there when broadcasting with Facebook Live?

  • Note that Facebook's API will automatically use the login information stored in your browser cache. To use different login information, you must go to Facebook, log out, then log in to the page you want to manage, THEN go back to BoxCast and set up the integration.

  • Facebook Live's transcoded bitrates are usually lower than BoxCast's, which may reduce quality for your Facebook stream's viewers.

  • Facebook Live frequently sums stereo audio to mono. Learn how to fix that here.

  • Facebook Live broadcasts can't exceed eight hours. If your BoxCast stream is longer than that, the event will no longer be broadcasted on Facebook. We'll continue broadcasting the stream on BoxCast (please check your plan), though, and you can re-enable the Facebook Live broadcast through the Edit Event Details section of the video by removing, saving, then re-adding your Facebook Live destination (which will create a new video on Facebook).

  • Facebook can and will remove your broadcast if they detect that you're using copyrighted content β€” even if you have a license to use that content. If you notice a video isn't posted on your Facebook feed, be sure to check your notifications, as Facebook will normally send a message explaining why your video has been blocked from streaming.

For additional questions, please get in touch with a BoxCast Technical Support representative by way of

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