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Creating your own Roku or Amazon Fire TV channel
Creating your own Roku or Amazon Fire TV channel

Learn where to find your MRSS or JSON feed when creating a channel via Roku Direct Publisher or Amazon Creator

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Have you always wanted your own custom branded Roku or Amazon Fire TV channel, but paying a developer to build one isn't in the budget? Great news- both Roku and Amazon have tools that allow anyone to create a channel themselves.

Once you've started to create your channel, they'll ask for an MRSS or JSON feed from your video streaming provider to load the channel with content. That's where BoxCast comes in. Read below to find out where to find your feeds and name your channel.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of building your own channels, or if you need to publish your stream to Apple TV without a custom branded app, you can always use BoxCast's smart tv apps to publish your content as well.

Set up your company data

This step is for Amazon Fire TV apps, and allows us to send the name of your channel along with the feed.

Go to the Settings tab, then the Account tab, and Edit the Organization Info. In the field labeled Public Display Name, you'll put the public name of your channel. When you're done, hit Save and you're all set.

Find your MRSS or JSON Feed

Click on Embed and Other Integrations in the BoxCast Dashboard.

You can choose to include all your broadcasts in the feed, or only certain ones by channel or source.

Select MRSS Feed or Roku Direct Publisher (for a JSON feed), and it will show the correct feed url in the window below. Click the Copy Embed Code button to be most accurate, then paste that feed in the appropriate place within your channel.

Note: Using the MRSS feed for Roku will only post ARCHIVED content.

To truly create a standalone Roku app, look into integrating via Roku's SDK. You can also see Amazon's page to learn more about how to create an Amazon Fire app.

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