The BoxCast Dashboard is where you will manage your BoxCast account's settings and broadcasts. This article will provide an overview of how to navigate the Dashboard's key areas.


While all the following areas lie within what we refer to as the Dashboard, the actual Dashboard button is like your home button. Clicking the Dashboard button will display any current, upcoming, and past broadcasts.

Schedule a Broadcast

The Schedule a Broadcast button is used to schedule the live events you plan on live streaming. To learn more about scheduling a broadcast, click here.


The Channels button will display a list of all your created Channels. Channels are a great way to organize your content. To learn more about Channels, click here.


The Embed button provides a page where code can be tailored and copied for allowing the BoxCast video player to be placed on your website (e.g. here). To learn more about the Embed page, click here.

Media Uploads

The Media Uploads button allows you to upload a broadcast, upload documents, add graphic overlays, add pre-event videos, and add thumbnail images.

Multi-Site Player

The BoxCast Multi-Site Video Player is a solution for enabling remote campuses to watch your live broadcasts. Our advanced DVR player buffers your live broadcast locally, showing advanced statistics to ensure a beautiful picture every time. If you do not see the Multi-Site Player on your account but wish to use, please contact to discuss adding to your plan. To learn more about the BoxCast Multi-Site Player, click here.


The Reports button will display all your viewer analytics, as well as ticket and donation reports. See views of content on the account, or view a map of where viewers are watching from. To learn more about Viewer Analytics specifically, click here.


The Settings page contains several sub-pages, including Account, Preferences, Integrations, Billing, Storage, Appearance & Apps, and API Keys.


The Account tab allows for editing organizational information, as well as for editing your user password.


The Preferences tab will allow you to edit or enable multiple features like:


The Integrations tab allows for adding your social media and Sportzcast integrations.


The Billing tab allows for editing the Credit Card on file, reviewing proposals and invoices. To learn more about Billing, click here.



The Storage tab allows for managing storage bills. You may also change your Storage Policy from Auto-Bill to Auto-Delete, or vice versa. To learn more about Storage, click here.

API Keys

The API Keys tab provides access to your API keys for customizing and building on the BoxCast video platform. To learn more about these developer tools, click here.

Appearance & Apps

The Appearance & App tab allows for enabling your content to be viewed from the BoxCast app on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices. To learn more about streaming to the BoxCast app for each of these devices, click here.


The Sources button will display which encoders are have linked to your BoxCast account. If you own a BoxCaster, this is where it will appear. If planning to use an RTMP encoder, click "Add a Source" and select the RTMP encoder of choice.

Have more questions about the BoxCast Dashboard? Just drop us a line at We're happy to help!

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