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Video playback error when creating Amazon Fire TV app
Video playback error when creating Amazon Fire TV app
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There is one known issue with the preview window when creating your own Amazon Fire TV app. When previewing your app from certain browsers (like Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge), you might receive a message saying there is a Video Playback Error:

The reason for this is we use an m3u8 feed for this app, which will only play in Safari. Safari is the only desktop browser that supports playback for m3u8 feeds. If you are not a Mac user, you might be able to access the preview on a mobile device from something other than Safari, but the rest of the experience likely will not be ideal.

Please note that this only applies to video playback, you will be able to navigate every other aspect of the Amazon Creator from any browser.

If you'd like to learn how to build your own Amazon Fire TV app, we have step by step instructions for you in this article.

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