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Updating the BoxCast player colors
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There are a few different settings you have control over in the BoxCast player. One of the options available to you is the ability to add custom branded colors to the video progress bar.

The player color is automatically enabled by default, but you can choose to turn it off inside the BoxCast Dashboard.

How to update the custom branded color in the BoxCast player

Go to your BoxCast account, and click on Settings, then Appearance & Apps. Choose your brand color here.

When you go to embed your broadcast, the box for Apply Brand Color to Video Progress Bar will automatically be selected for you. If you'd rather not use the brand color set for your account, you can uncheck that box, and the player will reset to default colors.

Frequently asked questions

Can I choose different colors for different broadcasts?

At this time, you can only choose one custom color per account. However, that color can be updated at any time.

What happens if I change the color?

All broadcasts will update to the new color, unless the Apply Brand Color to Video Progress Bar has been explicitly disabled.

What if I don't select a brand color?

Your player will be set to the default BoxCast blue for on-demand videos, and red for live streams.

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