A Pre-Event Video is played in a loop as part of the embed widget prior to the event starting. It can be used as a teaser or promotional material.

You can add a video to an embedded player or you can add an image to appear on ALL players on your account (can be overridden at the Embed level).

Image File Format Tips: These videos are not transcoded by our server, so you need to ensure the video is watchable by your viewers. Some good rules of thumb are:

  • Your video should be exported as an MP4.

  • Recommend 720p resolution, with variable bitrate (target between 1Mbps and 5Mbps).

  • FastStart should be enabled (moov atom at the front of the file).

  • Video codec: H.264, High Profile, Progressive scan (no interlacing).

  • Audio codec: AAC, 44.1khz or 48khz.

Posting to an individual embedded player

Posting to all players on your account

Go to the Settings tab, then select Preferences, Player Defaults, and click the Edit button. Choose the Custom Pre-Event Video checkbox. Drag and drop your MP4 file into the designated area and click Save.

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