Blackmagic Design has released an update to the ATEM software where you can input your BoxCast Stream Key into their ATEM control software and stream directly to BoxCast.

You must update to the latest version of the ATEM software to 8.8 that was released on July 2022. Also, if you currently have configured our ATEM to work with a BoxCat XML file, this will delete those settings and you will need to follow the steps below to set your ATEM back up. You can find the ATEM download file here.

Once you update your ATEM Mini Pro you will want to go to the Output tab and select the Platform as BoxCast.

Next you will want to create an RTMP source in the BoxCast Dashboard and call it ATEM Mini Pro.

Once created, copy the Stream Key and enter it into the Key area of the ATEM.

After you've connected your cameras and audio to your ATEM, press ON AIR either in the ATEM Software Control, or on the ATEM device to begin streaming. As long as the ON AIR does not start blinking, you are sending the stream to BoxCast. A good way to double check this is to click on the sources tab in the BoxCast Dashboard, and make sure you have a "Connected" green dot.

If you have any other questions about hooking up your ATEM Mini Pro to BoxCast, reach out to our Technical Support at

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