Creating a Season Pass with BoxCast Ticketing
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BoxCast allows you to ticket broadcasts as long as it is on your plan. With ticketing, you can easily ticket a single broadcast or ticket a channel with multiple broadcasts. In this article, we will be covering how to ticket a channel and create a season pass for sports.

Remember, this doesn't have to be used for sports and can be used for anything you broadcast. You could create a channel for different bands at your venue, different yoga instructors etc.

Not sure if you have ticketing? Click "Upgrade Options" in the bottom corner of the screen and if you do not see a green checkmark next to ticketing, click schedule time to talk to your client manager.

In this example below, we currently have a client who is using our channels + ticketing feature to sell a single game ticket, a season pass for each sport and an all-access pass for all the sports.

*To learn how to ticket an individual broadcast, click here. It's important to remember that you can ticket individual broadcasts as well as ticket a channel. The channel ticket will override the single broadcast ticket.

Creating a Season Pass

To create a Season Pass for an individual sport, follow the steps below.

Create a channel and set it up as a ticketing channel. The price for the channel can be whatever you think the value of those broadcasts are. Feel free to create as many channels as you need for the type of broadcasts you have. Example: Football, Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball etc.

Schedule the broadcasts you want to put in the Season Pass. Feel free to try out our Bulk Scheduling Tool, to assist you with this. Make sure you add the channel or channels you want the broadcast to fall under. By doing this, you will ensure that someone who bought a ticket to that channel, will see the broadcast.

If you don't know exactly when the next broadcast will be, no worries, schedule for what you know and you can always add it later on.

If you plan to sell individual tickets to the event as well, feel free to schedule the broadcast with a separate ticket amount at this time.

Now that your Season Pass is created and your broadcasts are scheduled, it's time to either send out a link for viewers to buy or embed the channel on your website so viewers can buy directly from there.
To embed on your website, click the Embed button. To get a link for the channel, click on View on

To see if viewers are buying your channel, click on Ticket Report to get more information.

Creating ticketed channels can be customized to however your organization wants to sell tickets. We have seen customers create monthly passes, tournament passes, weekend passes, etc.
If you have any questions about how you can customize your ticketed channels, reach out to our support team at and they would be happy to help!

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