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Adjust Simulated Live On-Demand Viewership Preferences
Adjust Simulated Live On-Demand Viewership Preferences

Specify whether or not to display archives of your Simulated Live events

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You can choose whether or not you want to record your Simulated Live broadcasts and offer on-demand playback to your viewers after your events are over. By default, your Simulated Live broadcasts will display archives for on-demand viewing. If you prefer to disable on-demand playback for your Simulated Live Broadcasts, follow these steps.

Disable On-Demand Playback for a Simulated Live Broadcast

Step 1

To change your individual Simulated Live broadcast settings, click on Edit Broadcast within an upcoming Simulated Live broadcast.

Step 2

Go to the Advanced tab and select Enable Live-Only to disable on-demand playback for this individual Simulated Live broadcast.

Disable On-Demand Playback for All Simulated Live Broadcasts

Step 1

To change your account-wide default settings for Simulated Live broadcasts, click Preferences in the Settings section of the Dashboard.

Step 2

In the Simulated Live section, click Edit, and set Make simulated live broadcasts live-only by default to Yes by checking the box.

Step 3

Select whether or not you’d like to update your already scheduled and upcoming Simulated Live broadcasts to disable on-demand playback.

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