Branded App Fulfillment Process

How to submit your content for your custom branded app for Roku and Apple TV with BoxCast.

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Branded Apps are built by the team here at BoxCast but published to your own organization's App Store and Channel Store accounts.

Submitting your content for building and publishing with BoxCast.

Step 1 - Invite BoxCast to your Developer Accounts for Roku and Apple.

Setup, enroll, and link your Apple and Roku Developer accounts to BoxCast.

  • BoxCast requires that you have a Developer Account for Apple and Roku for us to submit the app on your behalf.

  • Once setup of your Developer Accounts has been completed. BoxCast will receive the request to link.

Step 2 - Submit your Content and Information for creation of your Branded App.

Navigate to your BoxCast Dashboard (

  • Go to Settings

  • Click on "Appearance and Apps"

  • Navigate to the Roku Channel Store and Apple TV Channel Store Information area.

  • Click on Edit Information for each platform.

  • Submit the required the information for each platform. Anything marked with a red * is required.

  • Make sure that your Channel Name for Apple and Roku are unique. We can help work with you to find a globally unique name for both platforms. Email for more assistance.

  • All Graphics for each platform have specific size requirements. Please make sure to submit graphics in their proper size and format. For reference, there is a description under each graphic title that provides the appropriate size, format, and file type.

  • For End User Support and Support Emails. Please use



Step 3 - Submit your app to BoxCast for building and publishing.

Once you've linked your Developer Accounts, inserted your content and information, and have content on your BoxCast Dashboard to use with the creation of your app, we can then begin to work on building your app for publication.

  • Click the blue Submit to BoxCast button for each platform.

  • If we have any issues with your uploaded content, we will reach out to you directly. You'll also receive an automated email when your app is processed or needs your attention.

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