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Intro to User Roles + Permissions

Different user roles can be assigned a varying level of responsibility and permission.

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BoxCast offers user roles that provide appropriate permissions for the varying levels of responsibility. If you're looking for instructions on how to add a user or change their permissions, check out our how-to article here.


  • Granted all permissions on your account, including scheduling and editing broadcasts, changing account settings, creating new channels, capturing highlights, downloading past recordings, viewing analytics, etc.

  • Can also view and manage other users.

Standard User

  • Has the same permissions as the owner, minus the ability to manage other users.

Restricted Editor

Is not able to complete the following tasks:

  • Create Clips with Sharing

  • Edit account settings

  • Create/edit channels

  • Manage BoxCasters or RTMP settings

  • View analytics or other reports

  • Add overlays

  • Generate embed codes

  • Download past recordings

  • Delete broadcasts (but can schedule and edit)

  • Upload new broadcasts or manage other media uploads


This role is ideal for billing users, chat moderators, scorekeepers, and any user you would like to be able to observe the streams but not interact with any vital settings.

  • Has the same restrictions as the restricted editor, but is also not allowed to schedule/edit broadcasts.

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