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Configure an RTMP Destination with User Authentication
Configure an RTMP Destination with User Authentication

Learn how to configure an RTMP destination that requires basic user authentication.

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BoxCast supports RTMP destinations that require you to authenticate the RTMP with a username and password. Follow the steps below to ensure your setup is correct.

Start by logging into the BoxCast Dashboard, go to Settings and then Integrations.


Click on Add Integration and then RTMP Destination.


Select Use Authentication and enter the information below.


While scheduling a broadcast, your new RTMP destination will appear under Show Social Media Broadcast Settings.


Click on Other RTMP and select the destination. When you're done scheduling, we'll start sending data to that server at the start time of the broadcast.

Common Questions

Will there be a delay between our stream and the other RTMP destination?

Yes. The delay will remain and be about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Can I use Single-Use Other RTMP for this user authentication method?

Yes. We highly recommend using the settings above, but if you have to use Single-Use Other RTMP, you'll need to type the username and password in the Server URL.

For Example: rtmp:// You'll need to add your username and password separated by a colon (:) in the middle of the server URL.
We're happy to help if you have more questions. Just drop us a line!

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