Datavideo NVS-24 + BoxCast

This step-by-step guide shows how to connect your Datavideo NVS-24 hardware to BoxCast using RTMP.

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Read this article to see how to hook up your Datavideo Encoder with BoxCast. You will need to have access to your Datavideo Web Dashboard. If you do not know how to access it please refer to this manual. The instructions are on page 11. DATAVIDEO MANUAL

Step 1

Log into your Datavideo encoder and click on settings.


Step 2

Make sure you on the "Live Stream setup" part of settings and select RTMP Publish as the Stream Server Selection.


Step 3

Go to your BoxCast Dashboard and click on Sources and get your RTMP codes from the dashboard. For this encoder, you will want to use the Server URL and Stream Key.


Step 4

Once you get your Server URL and Stream Key add them to the RTMP URL and RTMP Stream areas of the Datavideo dashboard. Also, select "Auto Stream at startup" and this will ensure that your encoder is always sending us data when its on. Click "Apply" when you are done.


Step 5
By selecting Auto Stream at startup, your encoder will always be sending to BoxCast. This is a good thing because it will automatically start the stream at the scheduled broadcast time. Here is what your stream timeline will look like below.


  1. Schedule a broadcast in the BoxCast Dashboard

  2. Turn on your Datavideo encoder

  3. The Datavideo encoder will start sending data to BoxCast and the scheduled broadcast will automatically start once it is time.
    To ensure this is working correctly you will want to make sure your RTMP channel says Connected in the Sources area of the BoxCast Dashboard.

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