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Limit Broadcast Viewing to Select Websites (Embedding Restrictions)
Limit Broadcast Viewing to Select Websites (Embedding Restrictions)

Restrict your broadcasts to only play on the website(s) you have chosen with embedding restrictions.

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With embedding restrictions, you can maintain control of your content by limiting the destinations or URLs where the broadcast can be watched. This can be done for all your broadcasts, a channel, or an individual broadcast.

BoxCast's embedding restrictions feature is available on the BoxCast Experience plan and higher. Book a meeting with your customer success manager, email us, or upgrade in the self-checkout if you'd like to add this feature.

Follow the instructions below to set up your embedding restrictions.

In the BoxCast Dashboard click on Settings and click on Preferences.


Scroll down to Privacy and Security and click on Enable Embedding Restrictions.


Under Allow player to be embedded only on the following hosts enter your website URL. For example, if the website you wanted to embed on is, insert in that space.


If you want to embed it on multiple pages, click on Add Another Host.

We would recommend adding the main page the stream will be on in the space below as well. This will redirect anyone trying to watch the stream on a different page or the link.

Note: Append a # at the end of your URL. For example, instead of you would put


Now your broadcasts will only play on the websites you have chosen. If someone tries to access it on another site, they will get this message or be redirected to the site you have chosen.


To find your embedding restrictions for a channel, simply go to channels, pick a channel, edit channel and click on enable embedding restrictions.


To find your embedding restrictions for an individual broadcast, simply click edit for that broadcast, click on advanced settings and click on enable embedding restrictions.

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