Once a broadcast is archived you can trim the front and back ends of the broadcast. Read on for instructions or watch the video below.

Step 1
Go to the past broadcast you would like to trim and click on Trim Recording.


Step 2
Use the yellow bars to trim the recording to your desired place and hit save changes. This does NOT delete your video.


Step 3
Your Broadcast is now trimmed! You can go back and untrim it at any time. This only trims the broadcast on your website or BoxCast TV apps. This does NOT trim your broadcasts on Facebook or YouTube as that video was handed off to the respective platforms while live and is no longer under our control.

Things to Remember

  • Trimming sections of video does NOT delete them forever. You are simply selecting a different point in the file for the video player to start/end at. You can remove the trim set for the file and the previously trimmed portions will appear.

  • You can trim a file, download the trimmed section, then untrim (once fully downloaded) so that the full version exists on your website while still having the trimmed version on your computer.

  • You CANNOT trim out the middle of a file (i.e. remove a portion of the middle of a video while leaving the front and back untouched). You can only affect start and end times with this tool.

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