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Add Captions to a Recorded Broadcast
Add Captions to a Recorded Broadcast

Add and edit closed captions for recorded video broadcasts by following these steps.

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BoxCast's caption feature allows you to caption your broadcasts automatically with the press of a button.

Navigate to the broadcast you would like to caption and click on the Captions tab.

Click Generate Captions to start creating captions for the broadcast.

Your captions will then start to be created. This usually takes about 1/2 - 3/4 the length of the broadcast (Ex. For a 1-hour broadcast, Caption generation will take 30-45 minutes). Feel free to leave the page and return later.

Once the captions have been created, they are ready to be reviewed & edited. The captions are generally about 90% accurate, so you should always review them before publishing. Unique words, proper nouns or difficult to pronounce words can sometimes confuse the automated caption generation. Click Review and Publish Captions to edit the captions. Your captions will not be published until you have completed this step.

Reviewing & editing captions is very straightforward. Simply click the text to change what you want it to say. Play using the player on the right, and watch as the blue line tracks through highlights the caption that is currently being played. This is the best way to review an entire broadcast. Click the Play button on each line to skip to listen to that part of the broadcast.


Review Warnings
From our automated caption creation, we are able to understand where there was uncertainty about whether the generated words are correct or not. The captions with higher uncertainty are shown as a warning in red. We recommend that you review every line, but if you are limited on time start by editing only the captions with higher uncertainty first. You can filter to only show these by clicking the settings icon in the top right corner then selecting Review Warning Only on the editing tool.

Find and Replace
Within the settings, you will also see a Find and Replace Tool. We recommend using this for names and other proper nouns or other uncommon words. When captioning our own webinars, we often have to change "Box cars" to "BoxCast."

Edit Timestamp
This allows you to control when a caption shows up on the screen.

Add a Caption
You can add a new line at the end of the list of captions by clicking the gear icon to the right and selecting Insert Cue After.

Once finished, click Publish. It can take a few minutes to process the caption file so it may not be available immediately upon publishing but rest assured, they will appear.

Viewers can activate captions by clicking the CC option on the video play bar.

Common Questions

Can viewers turn on/off the captions?
Yes. The viewer controls their own caption experience

How can I improve the quality of the automatically generated captions?
The quality of the captions is determined by the quality and clarity of the audio input. A single speaker with a good microphone will perform well, but a crowded room will multiple speakers and on camera audio will be much harder for the automated caption tool to pick out the right words. You can also add custom vocabulary (i.e., the name of your organization or city).

Can I add captions automatically to a live broadcast?

Do the captions show up on the App for Apple TV, Roku & FireTV?

What languages are supported?

English is the only language currently supported.

Will these captions show up everywhere that I streamed the broadcast?

The captions will show up on any BoxCast viewer experience: BoxCast embedded Player, and BoxCast Apps for Apple TV and Roku. The captions will NOT show up on Facebook, YouTube, X (Twitter) etc.

Does this support embedded captions via RTMP such as CEA-608, CEA-708, DVB-T, DVB-S, WST?

No. We only support automatically generated captions or separated captions like WebVTT files.

Can the captions be downloaded?

Yes! We allow the transcript of the captions to be downloaded into a WebVTT or Text file.


Can I have every broadcast captioned automatically?

If you want your broadcasts to always be captioned go to Settings > Preferences > click on Edit in the Automated Captioning area and select Always Caption Broadcasts under the defaults tab.


Does BoxCast have any way to prevent profanity from being used in our captions?

Yes! BoxCast has a Filter Profanity option that will help prevent mispronounced words not show up as swear words. This is enabled for your account automatically.

Can captions be re-positioned in the player window?

No. The captions will only display near the bottom of the broadcast, so keep in mind that they will interfere with lower-third content.

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