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Create a Podcast in the BoxCast Dashboard
Create a Podcast in the BoxCast Dashboard

Create a podcast channel inside the BoxCast dashboard, and find the MRSS feed to send to your podcast platform.

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Creating a Podcast from your BoxCast past broadcasts is super simple, and a great way to reach your audience in places they are already hanging out!

Configuring Your Podcast Channel

Podcasting is enabled on a per-channel basis. To enable a channel for podcasting, follow these steps below.

Click on Channels and select an already existing channel or create a new channel.

Click on Edit Channel Settings.

Select the Podcasting tab at the top of the screen and click on Enable Audio Podcast or Enable Video Podcast.

Fill out all of the relevant information in the boxes that appear after clicking to enable the podcast, then click Save Changes. Make sure to fill out all of the relevant information or your podcast might not be accepted by services like Apple.

  • Upload compliant, podcast-specific artwork by selecting a square, 1400x1400—3000x3000, 72dpi RGB JPEG or PNG for a Preview Image on the Podcast tab of your channel configuration.

  • Choose a unique podcast program title for your Channel Name (check podcast stores to make sure your program title is unique).

  • Choose a podcast category from the Category field on the Podcast tab of your BoxCast channel configuration

  • Configure a valid owner contact using the Owner Name and Owner Email fields on the Podcast tab of your BoxCast channel configuration

  • Add at least one broadcast with a recording to the podcast-enabled channel.

Click on Embed under the Watch section of the channel.

Click on Other Integrations, then Podcast Feed. Choose your channel then the type of feed you want, depending on your type of podcast.

If you don't see the Podcast feed in your account, contact your client manager at so they can help get you set up.

Before you submit your Podcast feed to a store, we recommend you validate that link with one of these sites below.

After you do that, follow the steps below for submitting your feed to iTunes, Google Play, and other Podcasting platforms.


In order to submit your podcast to iTunes, you first need an active Apple ID.

  1. Click the + button at the top left of the iTunes Connect dashboard.

  2. Enter your RSS feed into the provided text box and then click the Validate button.

  3. A Feed Preview will load if you do not have any validation errors. Please take a moment and review your podcast artwork, description, general information (e.g. description, category, etc), and episodes. Please see the Validation Errors section if you have any problems validating your podcast feed.

  4. If everything within the Feed Preview is correct, click the Submit button.

Google Play

  1. Click the Publish button and then the Add a Podcast button

  2. Paste your RSS feed URL into the field provided

  3. Click Submit RSS Feed

  4. You’ll be asked to confirm that you own the podcast. Google will send an email to the address in your RSS feed. Open that email and verify that you’re the owner by providing the verification code and clicking the Verify Ownership button.

  5. Finally, click the Publish Podcast button and your podcast will be submitted for review.


  1. Create a Content Provider profile on Stitcher.

  2. Once you’re logged in to your new account, click the Add Show button.

  3. Add your RSS feed and show details and submit for review.


Fill out the Contact Us form on the TuneIn website.

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